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What Is Life Care Planning?

Life care planning is a service that helps you find and pay for quality care. It extends beyond the traditional Attorney/Client consultive relationship to a comprehensive team approach to your needs. The Life Care Planning Team consists of an Elder Law Attorney, Life Care Coordinator, Benefit and Estate Planning Specialists.

The LIFE in Life Care Planning is just that, services for life.


What are Life Care Planning Services?

Initial Consultation with the Elder Law Attorney and Life Care Coordinator is provided to assess and be sure Life Care Planning Services are right for your situation.


After your acceptance of services, a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is completed by our Life Care Coordinator. The Life Care Coordinator has specialized training in aging and has extensive knowledge of community services and programs.


A written Life Care Plan is provided to you, but first it will be thoroughly reviewed with you and questions answered.


What Does the Life Care Plan Include?

Specific quality recommendations for care needs, i.e., Home Health Services, Adult Day Care, Homemaker, Assisted Living, Nursing Home services are just a few.


Concrete legal strategies to qualify for benefits to pay for care and protect assets.
All legal documents necessary to ensure your wishes are met regarding your healthcare, finances and distribution of assets when the time comes.


Who Benefits From Life Care Planning Services?

Any senior with a health condition that has an impact on their ability to care for themselves. The goal is to maximize resources to provide the best care possible. Caregivers benefit from the support offered by the Life Care Coordinator in finding and securing the quality care and having a knowledgeable person to turn to when problems arise.


Families have peace of mind knowing that professional, expert advice is a phone call away.

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